Wastewater Solutions For Reducing Business Energy Consumption

Managing energy bills as a business has become increasingly difficult and companies across the UK are beginning to face new struggles as we enter the colder autumn and winter months. In a recent report, the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) estimated that UK businesses may have experienced an energy bill rise of as much as 349% for electricity and 424% for gas between February 2021 and August 2022 (based on 30,000 kWh annual usage) with Ofgem also reporting the highest prices on record.

While larger corporations may be better equipped to absorb these rising costs, many SMEs have been forced to adapt by passing on costs to their customers or reducing operations. Looking at data across all business sectors, firms in the aviation, shipping, and chemical industries have been affected most by the rise in energy prices, with companies in the food and drink, metalworks, and cement/concrete industries following closely as some of the most energy-intensive industries. 

Ensuring that key industries such as aviation are able to continue providing valuable services at a reasonable price is extremely important for the travel industry as a whole, but also for businesses such as ourselves and many others who rely on travel and transport to deliver their products and services. We recently spoke with the team at Heathrow Airport to discuss the importance of sustainability and eco-friendly travel. See our interview below:

As a company that works closely with a range of industries, LAT Water’s turnkey wastewater management solutions are specially designed to reduce business energy consumption as well as overall operational costs. Our LAT Unit technology is capable of reducing energy use for wastewater treatment by as much as 70% (see the results from our case study with Broadpath Landfill in Devon) based on the electrical energy requirements of 8 kWh on average. 

The LAT Unit is an innovative and sustainable wastewater management system available in a range of configurations and capable of recovering up to 95% clean water from complex wastewater streams containing chemicals, organic matter, methane, metals, and more. What makes the system so energy-efficient is the use of waste heat as a resource and condensing and recirculating water vapour below the boiling point of water. Together, this cyclical system supplements its electrical energy input to reduce consumption and allow businesses to focus financial resources on other aspects of their business. 


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Elias Elia
18th Oct 2022