Testing Facilities

MicroLAT & Sample Testing

LAT Water have full in-house testing facilities to ensure we provide optimal solutions

The innovative MicroLAT works similar to the large-scale version of our technology and makes use of an evaporation and a condensation tower to recover clean water from wastewater samples. It can process up to one cubic metre of water per day and analyse the composition of the sample, including any nutrients that have been recovered. This allows our team to analyse and share the results with businesses to demonstrate LAT Water’s ability to handle each specific sample of wastewater before installing a full-scale facility.

Thanks to its portable design, the Unit can also be transported to your location to run continuous on-site trials and gain a better understanding of the local requirements. Trails may run from a number of weeks up to a couple of months and as the MicroLAT can be controlled remotely, progress can be tracked in real-time.

The MicroLAT Unit is stored in a 20ft container and has the ability to be shipped and trucked virtually anywhere in the world. Installation is simple and our engineers can deploy the solution in no time – ensuring you can begin analysing the results from day 1.

Its efficient design also ensures operating costs are kept to a minimum and it can be heated using renewable sources such as solar power. Similar to the LAT Unit, the MicroLAT can operate in fluctuating temperatures and has an uptime of over 95%.

Speak to our team about testing with the MicroLAT Unit and we can arrange for a sample to be delivered to our office in Thatcham, or alternatively, we can transport a MicroLAT Unit to your location.

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