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LAT Water was established to tackle the rising environmental impact of wastewater treatment through energy-efficient solutions. Our goal is to deliver energy use reduction, lower our clients’ costs, and decrease pollution through our innovative treatment technologies.

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About LAT Water


LAT Water is an innovative, award-winning British company founded with a mission to facilitate the recycling of the world’s most critical needs: clean water and energy.

Our pioneering wastewater treatment technology provides a sustainable long-term solution for on-site clean water separation and uses recirculated heat to operate, making it the most highly efficient and low-energy treatment and desalination solution in the world.

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Bespoke Solutions

Discover the patented LAT Unit and how it can help reduce your operating costs.

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LAT Unit

Our innovative technology and industry know-how have enabled us to develop and distribute the LAT Unit: an award-winning wastewater treatment solution capable of treating complex water streams and recovering over 95% clean water.

The system is specially designed to recover value from waste and re-use heat for a circular, sustainable, and highly efficient waste management process that can reduce your overheads and help you meet your environmental goals.

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In-House Testing Facilities

Discover what LAT Water can do for you: the MicroLAT is a small-scale version of our LAT Unit technology, capable of processing wastewater samples on-site or at our specialised testing facility.

We can analyse the composition of your sample, including the salts and minerals that have been recovered following the treatment process. Contact our team to find out more and organise on-site or off-site sample testing with accompanying analysis reports and consultation with our team.

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