The LAT Unit

LAT Water manufacture and sell complete treatment and recovery solutions for complex wastewater streams. Our primary technology comprises of a humidification and dehumidification column to separate clean water and recover salts and minerals. LAT Water provide design and installation of a full solution.

Powered using only waste heat, LAT Water offer a sustainable solution with lower operating costs than any other technology.

The clean water stream produced by our system can be reused for process water or agriculture, and meets all relevant discharge limits.

We offer multiple sized solutions capable of treating inputs between 1-5,000m3/day, suitable for a wide range of applications.

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How you benefit

Our innovative technology offers a number of advantages to existing water treatment technologies.
LAT Water delivers the most effective, reliable, sustainable and cost effective solution available.

Low Costs

LAT Water aims to provide solutions at lower capital and operating cost than traditional water treatment technologies. By using waste heat available at the site you save on operating costs. We aim to provide a solution that treats water for less than £1/m3, giving huge operating cost savings.

Our patented technology can treat more complex waters than other systems. Our solution is able to reduce high levels of ammonia, dissolved salts and organic.

  • Operating cost savings of 50-75%
  • No energy input, requires only waste heat
  • Low maintenance costs


LAT Water  are committed to providing sustainable technology, to reduce waste and benefit the environment.

  • The LAT Unit runs at low temperature & ambient pressure, minimizing input energy requirements
  • Makes use of low grade waste heat otherwise discarded to atmosphere
  • Clean water produced can be recycled on site
  • Salt and mineral recovery from the waste stream
  • Reduced damage to environment of disposing dirty water
  • Our patented design encourages maximum energy recovery from existing heat sources


As well as providing a low cost solution, LAT Water’s innovative technology is capable of treating more complex waste waters than any other system.

  • Higher water recovery than other technologies (min 70%, up to 95%)
  • Removes all heavy metal ions, organics, methane, ammonia in a single process
  • Valuable products recovered from the waste stream are of a high purity
  • Remotely operated and low operating requirement. Ideal for remote sites
  • Multiple sizes and optimisation available for varied flowrates


LAT Water systems are simple to install, easy to operate and require minimal maintenance.

  • Fast delivery
  • 24/7 off-site operation available
  • Small footprint
  • Over 95% uptime
  • LAT Water systems have duty standby and backup equipment as standard
  • Maintenance and service contracts available

Low Costs




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Our technology has been specifically designed for use in a wide range of industrial applications. We are able to offer a zero liquid discharge solution, recovering value from wastewater and removing the need for off-site haulage.

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LAT Water provide turnkey water treatment solutions with ongoing support for reliable, long term benefits.
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