Shenyang, North China

The Daxin landfill project at Shenyang was the first cooperation between the Welle Group and LAT Water and has proved highly successful. Welle are satisfied with the assistance provided by LAT Water and the plant’s performance since January 2020 and are keen to build a long term relationship with LAT Water to exploit the technology in China.

Pu Yanxin, Director and Deputy General Manager, Welle Environmental Group Ltd


Shenyang, China


Treatment of leachate


December 2019

Shenyang, North China

In December 2019 LAT Water installed a wastewater treatment plant at the Daxin landfill at Shenyang in northern China. The landfill produces up to 2,000m3/day of leachate which runs first through a reverse osmosis system. The installed RO plant cannot fully treat the leachate and produces 120m3/day of highly variable flows of concentrated brine, which is what the LAT unit treats.

LAT Water installed two 60m3/day units working parallel, capable of treating 120m3/day. The units are designed to work 24/7.

The LAT Units operate using waste steam available from an on-site waste incinerator.

The clean product water is compliant with all local environmental regulations for discharge. The concentrated waste stream is then readmitted into the landfill.

Since installation in 2019 the LAT units have had over 95% uptime, with only minimal maintenance required. The units were designed to remove a minimum of 70% clean water, but have been achieving in excess of 85% clean water recovery.

The operating costs have been less than £2/m3 for input wastewater, providing a massive operating cost saving to the customer.


Key Stats

  • Total operating costs: Less than £2/m3 input wastewater
  • Uptime: Over 95%
  • Clean Water recovery: Over 85%

Water Quality

  • Extreme temperature swings (-25°C to +35°C)
  • Input flowrate: 120m3/day, possible flow variation +/-30%
Paramater Feed Waste Water Clean Distillate Water
TDS (mg/L) 70,000 < 50
pH 8 7
Sodium (mg/L) 17,000 < 80
Chloride (mg/L) 34,000 < 26

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