Globally up to 80% of wastewater is directed back into the ecosystem without adequate treatment


This contributes to a lack of clean drinking water & increased transmittal of disease in turn resulting in widespread ecological and environmental damage. Where treatment technology is available it can be costly, inflexible and incapable of fully treating the water, especially for highly contaminated waste streams. LAT Water produces bespoke engineered wastewater treatment solutions capable of treating a wider variety of input waters than any other traditional water treatment technology. Below are some applications LAT Water are involved in.

Waste, Landfill & Anaerobic Digestion

LAT Water has developed solutions to treat a range of applications within waste management. These include low-cost treatment of landfill leachate, recovery of high-value fertiliser products from anaerobic digestion plants and treatment of complex wastewaters in plastics recycling technology.

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Food, Beverage & Aquaculture

The food, beverage & aquaculture industries create high volumes of complex wastewaters. These can be costly to treat and contain high volumes of valuable products. LAT Water solutions can separate valuable salts and minerals from biological waste and add value to the production chain.

Industrial Water Treatment

LAT Water technology offers advantages for a wide range of industrial applications. From chemical and pharmaceutical plants, power generation, oil & gas, pulp & paper industries, LAT Water offers low-cost, high-recovery solutions.

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Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)

LAT Water separates a high percentage of clean water which can be recycled on-site. LAT Water solutions can be used to recover valuable products from the product stream, adding value to the customer and creating sustainable solutions for a circular economy.

Some of the other industries

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Oil & Gas

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Paper & Pulp

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Mining & Metals

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