The Top Benefits Of Wastewater Recycling

Although we may think of water as an infinite resource due to the vastness of the Earth’s oceans, rivers, and lakes, water that is safe for human consumption only makes up around 1.2% of water across the globe. The remainder of the Earth’s water is either held up in glaciers, too salty, or otherwise too polluted to be used as safe drinking water, and with our growing populations, there is a water shortage crisis emerging in many parts of the world

This is why water recycling is a critical part of all manufacturing and operations, and why LAT Water are passionate about helping businesses achieve the best possible results from their wastewater recycling efforts. We work with national and international companies across a range of industries to help their teams reduce their wastewater treatment costs, reduce energy consumption on-site through our innovative LAT Unit technology, and recover up to 95% water from complex wastewater streams. The LAT Unit additionally helps recover nutrients and other useful minerals from wastewater streams that can be used as fertiliser

See the top benefits of wastewater recycling below:

Improved natural environment and ecosystems 

Recycling wastewater can supplement existing water input streams and help reduce power consumption on-site. By recycling treated wastewater and feeding it back into an operational process, businesses can also save money on transport costs, fuel, and more which is better for the environment and produces fewer harmful emissions. As treating wastewater prior to discharging is already a legal requirement across the world, recycling also reduces the doubling-up of resources along the production line and can help minimise costs. 

Less demand for scarce freshwater resources 

The manufacturing and agricultural industries typically require the largest volumes of water to enable them to operate efficiently, and this also means they produce the largest amounts of wastewater following production. Recycling treated wastewater can help reduce the need for freshwater supplies and can even be used for watering crops, building and construction, and more (particularly in areas that experience regular flooding or droughts). 

Higher quality natural fertilisers through by-product recovery

Alongside clean water, wastewater recycling also includes the extraction of useful by-products such as natural minerals and nutrients which are often used in fertilisers but can also be used in animal feed. This can make farming and agricultural activities more sustainable, as well as reduce waste and the use of synthetic chemicals. 

Operational and financial business benefits 

Alongside the environmental benefits of running an eco-friendly business, efficient wastewater recycling can also ensure companies are compliant with local regulations which can make them eligible for grants, awards, and more (alongside reducing the chance of receiving a fine for non-compliance!). 

Frequently asked questions:

What can be recovered from wastewater?

Different wastewaters can contain a range of important minerals and nutrients depending on where the wastewater came from, e.g. by-products from the food and drink industry can be used to create digestate which is used as crop fertiliser. Nutrients recovered from wastewater include nitrogen, phosphates, and minerals. 

Can wastewater be reused for drinking?

Although recovered water from wastewater may look clear to the naked eye, in most cases, it will still require additional treatment to make it safe for human and animal consumption. Once it has been treated and tested, wastewater can indeed be reused for drinking and is often used in agricultural applications.   

What is the highest percentage of water recovery from wastewater?

While water recovery capabilities can range from 65% to 85% on average across different industries, LAT Water can achieve a water recovery rate of up to 95% and averages around 80% to 90% – making the LAT Unit one of the most effective wastewater management solutions in the world (as well as one of the most energy-efficient). 

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Elias Elia
06th Jan 2023