Industrial Wastewater Management That Won’t Cost The Earth

At LAT Water, we’re on a mission to revolutionise industrial wastewater treatment by providing cost-effective wastewater treatment solutions for industries across the globe. Our state-of-the-art LAT Units can provide operational savings of over 60% – in fact, one of our recent case studies at Daxin Landfill showed operational costs have reduced to less than £2/m3 for input wastewater following the installation of our on-site wastewater treatment plant.

Alongside purifying the water and removing toxins, the LAT Unit works to recover valuable minerals from complex wastewater streams, providing further value and using wastewater as a resource instead of a byproduct to help recycle nutrients back into the soil as a bio-fertiliser. 

LAT Water’s approach to wastewater management and treatment uses waste heat as a natural energy source. By condensing and recirculating water vapour below the boiling point of water, the LAT Unit is able to recover higher percentages of clean water (as much as 95%). The Units are also highly robust and remain operational 24/7 throughout the year with an average uptime of over 95%. As the system and its outputs can be monitored online, faults can be detected and fixed quickly – ensuring your processes are not disturbed. 

What are the types of industrial wastewater the LAT Unit can treat?

LAT Water’s technology can be used to treat many complex wastewater streams including (but not limited to):

  • Wastewater containing sulphates and suspended solids: power generation plants, such as coal power works use flue gas desulphurisation to produce high volumes of harmful wastewater which is expensive to treat. LAT Water’s solutions recycle the waste heat produced on-site to remove these solids and recover up to 95% clean water. 
  • Wastewater containing high organic material: LAT Water have successfully treated streams containing high levels of COD and BOD (such as digestate or wastewater from the food and drink sector), leaving a clean distillate stream and a concentrate suitable as feed for anaerobic digestion. 
  • Streams containing salts such as NaCl and CaCl: ash washing can result in wastewater with high salt content. LAT Water reduces the need for complex and expensive desalination processes to separate the salts from clean water.
  • Harmful wastewater containing metals and mining byproducts: LAT Water can help recover heavy metals and remove toxins contaminating the water to reduce the environmental impacts of these elements on-site. 

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LAT Water was founded with a mission to facilitate the recycling of two of the world’s most critical needs, clean water and energy. Discover what we can do for you: contact our team at +44 (0)1635 635900 or email to find out more.

Elias Elia
28th Sep 2022