LAT Water have full in-house testing facilities to ensure we provide optimal solutions

We have MicroLATs™ similar to the larger versions of the technology the MicroLAT™ makes use of an evaporation and a condensation tower to recover the product water, and can process up to one cubic metre of water per day. In this way the MicroLAT™ can be deployed in an operating environment the ability to handle a client’s water before installing a full scale facility.

Thanks to the portable design the unit can also be placed directly at the client’s location and run trials to better understand the local requirements. The MicroLAT™ unit is in a 20ft container and has the ability to be shipped and trucked virtually anywhere in the world.

The MicroLAT™ is simple to deploy and can be up and running at your site in no time. Similar to the larger scale units it has the ability to be controlled remotely, and its efficient design means it operates at extremely low costs. It can even be heated using renewable sources, including solar power.

If you have a wastewater that you want us to have a look at, or think a MicroLAT™ could be deployed at your site then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. info@latwater.co.uk

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