Top 12 Services Provided by Industrial Wastewater Treatment Companies

Industrial wastewater treatment plays a pivotal role in maintaining the health of our environment while ensuring smooth operation across various industries. Behind-the-scenes efforts at industrial wastewater treatment plants across the world ensure optimised water management, compliance with local discharge regulations, contribution to vital research, and lots more! 

At LAT Water, our team of experts work with companies across the UK as well as around the world in over 12 languages – providing international support and ensuring expert, localised knowledge of every area we operate in. As industrial manufacturing and associated processes produce some of the most toxic wastewater, we make it our mission to understand the chemicals, compounds, and substances that can be found in wastewater streams as well as finding the most effective and safe method of removal. 

This is why it’s important to work with an innovative wastewater treatment company that is an expert in their field!

Here are the top 12 services that are provided by industrial wastewater treatment companies such as LAT Water:

1. Bespoke Wastewater System Design

Industrial wastewater treatment companies such as ourselves have extensive expertise in designing customised treatment systems tailored to the specific needs of different manufacturing facilities in a range of countries across the world. We’ll consider factors such as wastewater composition, flow rate, and local regulatory requirements; as well as the physical location of the plant, the local climate, and more to design efficient and effective treatment processes – one size does not fit all in wastewater treatment! 

2. Advanced Treatment Technologies

To continue being able to provide innovative industrial wastewater treatment solutions that keep up to date with evolving modern standards, industrial wastewater treatment companies have to ensure they are updated on the latest industry developments and technological changes (including AI!). This also means that working with a specialised company reduces the pressure on your team to carry out this research, especially if you are short on resources or struggling to hire experts in this field.

3. Compliance Management

Regulatory compliance is a huge factor in many companies’ decision to work with an industrial wastewater treatment partner. Having the knowledge and experience to navigate permits, discharge limits, reporting requirements, and environmental compliance standards specific to industrial operations can not only be time-consuming but also very difficult to manage in-house without external support, especially if issues arise or changes to regulation disrupt your existing operations. This is where an external team can provide additional support and get you back on track.

4. Specialised Chemical Treatment

Industrial wastewater often contains complex and challenging contaminants that require specialised treatment approaches, especially for highly toxic or corrosive substances. Companies such as ours often employ chemists within the team who have expertise in chemical treatment methods and pH adjustment, which allows them to address specific pollutant types effectively and reduce harm to workers, the environment, and the wider public.

5. Resource Recovery

Unlike regular wastewater treatment companies, industrial wastewater treatment companies focus on resource recovery from wastewater streams, which is not only beneficial for building a more self-sustaining supply chain, but can also provide additional sources of revenue for your business! Our team can explore opportunities to extract and reuse valuable resources such as biogas, or further processes to create de-watered fertiliser, animal feed, soil conditioner, and lots more. 

6. Process Optimisation

Industrial wastewater treatment companies are usually better placed than most to understand the intricacies of different industrial processes across a range of sectors, and their knowledge gives them further insight into the impact on wastewater characteristics over time. Our teams can analyse performance and output which allows us to recommend optimised treatment options that ensure maximum efficiency, reduced energy consumption (even in winter!), and long-term cost savings. 

7. Emergency Response and 24/7 Support

Industrial facilities often work around the clock and may face unforeseen issues or emergencies related to wastewater treatment at inconvenient hours of the day or night! This is why our team offers 24/7 remote support and emergency response services to promptly address any disruptions, minimise your downtime, and mitigate potential environmental risks. In fact, as our LAT Unit can be controlled and monitored remotely, we will often be able to foresee issues before they’re reported – allowing us to act fast in resolving them before they impact your business operation.

8. Training and Education

Many industrial wastewater treatment companies such as ourselves can provide your teams with training and educational resources to help you make the most of not only the treatment plant’s functionality but also provide insight into your business’ wastewater composition. These training sessions usually cover topics such as system operation, maintenance, safety procedures, best practices for pollution prevention, and emergency risk management.

9. Performance Monitoring and Reporting

As our LAT Unit provides online monitoring and reporting, your team can view reports in almost real-time to ensure the continued effectiveness of the treatment systems. We can track key performance indicators, conduct regular sampling and analysis, and provide comprehensive reports on overall system performance, compliance, and efficiency. These reports have previously highlighted energy cost savings of over 70% for some of our biggest clients!

10. Ongoing Maintenance and System Upgrades

Your industrial wastewater treatment partner should provide routine maintenance services to help keep treatment systems operating optimally, especially following particularly hot or cold seasons. We can also recommend (and implement) a method for system upgrades or modifications suitable for your business to help adapt to evolving regulatory requirements over time. 

11. Cost Reduction

By reducing water consumption, minimising energy usage, and decreasing waste disposal costs, your organisation achieve significant cost reductions – but we appreciate this isn’t always possible! This is why our LAT Unit is specially designed to utilise waste heat as an energy input, thus significantly lowering your costs without changing any other parts of your standard processes. We can also implement a new water cooling system into your manufacturing process that uses treated wastewater instead of relying on freshwater resources – thus creating a self-sustaining, closed-loop system that directly improves your profitability and helps you achieve your environmental sustainability goals.

12. Positive Reputation

Showing a commitment to responsible wastewater management can enhance your company’s reputation, and working with a company such as LAT Water with growing recognition in environmental sustainability can be a huge plus! It helps demonstrate ethical business and supply chain practices as well as attracting environmentally-conscious clients, investors, and partners – ultimately leading to an increased market share and brand loyalty (especially amongst end consumers).

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Elias Elia
08th Sep 2023