Supporting Heathrow’s Sustainability Strategy 2022

As the biggest airport in the UK and the largest travel hub in the country, Heathrow Airport facilitates the transport of over 81 million passengers per year, as well as cargo for businesses (valued at over £188 billion annually) making it vitally important to companies and individuals alike. 

For our team at LAT Water, Heathrow Airport is a critical part of our supply network as it allows us to visit clients across the world (as well as fly clients out to see us); ship parts and components for building and maintaining each LAT Unit; transport our mini testing units, and lots more. 

We pride ourselves in providing the most energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and innovative industrial wastewater treatment solution on the market, so ensuring that we have a supply chain that supports our efforts as a business is extremely important. Being eco-conscious in our internal operations as well as throughout project delivery helps ensure consistency in our company’s message as well as producing maximum positive impact on the communities and locations we look after. 

In its sustainability strategy report for 2022, Heathrow Airport maps out its proposal for Net Zero Aviation, including plans to transform into a zero waste airport by maximising reuse and recycle schemes; as well as becoming net zero in the air and on the ground – helping improve air quality and enhancing local communities’ quality of life. 

These goals closely match our own at LAT Water as we strive to recover the highest possible amount of clean water following wastewater treatment, digestate treatment, leachate treatment, and other industrial waste management processes to protect a range of ecosystems. At present, our wastewater management solutions are capable of recovering up to 95% clean water from complex wastewater streams. These include (but are not limited to) pollutants such as pharmaceutical chemicals, organic matter, methane and other harmful gases, heavy metals, and more

What makes the LAT Unit particularly energy-efficient is the use of waste heat as an energy input which helps condense and recirculate water vapour throughout the system to drive the process meaning the overall energy input for the LAT Unit is greatly reduced, especially compared to existing market solutions. This has helped our client businesses cut their operational costs and focus financial resources more efficiently to drive their business forward

Watch our full interview with Heathrow Airport below:

Mark Hardiman, CEO at LAT Water said: “We treat heavily-contaminated industrial water to recover the maximum amount of clean water which topically today is useful to help solve some of the water problems and droughts facing the world. 

“Heathrow, first of all, is really important as a connectivity and transport hub for us. We need to travel all across the UK, so it’s domestically important – but what is really important are the international connections and connectivity. That’s really important for getting our customers to come and see us and also delivering key components and support for those projects. That importance of Heathrow is critical for our business. 

“A key part of our offering to customers is that we deliver an environmental, sustainable solution to them and that means reaching down into our supply chain so our key suppliers also share our sustainability goals and objectives. So Heathrow developing its sustainability is really important for us. Heathrow delivering on sustainability would really enhance our credibility and ensure that they are our absolute preferred supplier.”

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23rd Nov 2022