Benefits Of Investing In Modern Wastewater Treatment Plants

Upgrading your existing on-site wastewater treatment process or investing in a solution for the first time can be a daunting process, however, the benefits of your investment will be immediately visible in the quality of the technology and the reduction in fuel consumption. Many advanced systems such as the LAT Unit also provide 24/7 remote monitoring and testing to give you full visibility at all times (which also helps predict if issues may arise and allows for quicker maintenance scheduling and reduced downtime). 

Before installing a wastewater treatment plant, it’s important to consider factors such as:

What does wastewater treatment involve? 

Wastewater treatment is a process used to clean wastewater so it can be reused or disposed of safely and in line with local government regulations. Wastewater will be fed into the system and passed through the treatment plant to separate and remove the contaminants, which will then be held for further processing as required, and clean water will be released. 

As different companies will produce varying quantities and types of wastewater, the wastewater treatment plants will be configured to work for each company’s output and will be aligned with their environmental goals. This can include a target minimum water recovery rate, or a target for wastewater recycling whereby some of the treated wastewater is used as an input to supplement the company’s freshwater demand. These considerations help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water pollutants, and waste disposal expenses for some of the world’s largest wastewater-producing industries. 

The benefits of modern wastewater treatment plants

Modern wastewater treatment plants have come a long way in improving water quality, reducing environmental pollution, and providing more efficient treatment of wastewater than ever before. With modern technology and automation, wastewater treatment plants are safer for the workers and the public, making maintenance and long-term upkeep easier. 

Furthermore, many modern wastewater treatment solutions are more energy-efficient than their predecessors, reducing the demand for expensive fuel. At LAT Water, for example, we’re proud to have created a pioneering new wastewater treatment solution which recirculates water vapour through the system using waste heat as an energy source to supplement additional energy input: thus greatly reducing the cost of running and maintenance. Depending on usage, the LAT Unit will not only cut your operational costs by half, but will also pay for itself through savings in only a number of years. 

Factors to consider when investing in a modern wastewater treatment plant


One of the most important things to consider when investing in a wastewater treatment plant is capacity: although wastewater treatment plants are large in size, their capacity might not be compatible with the amount or type of wastewater your company produces. This is why the team at LAT Water always offer (and recommend!) booking in a consultation which includes sample testing and a full wastewater analysis report. 


Naturally, one of the most important considerations from a business perspective will also be running costs. Wastewater treatment plants are known for using a significant amount of electricity as they operate 24/7, 365 days a year – and temperature fluctuations can result in spikes of energy use during cold spells, which can of course greatly increase your company’s bills. 


Furthermore, many wastewater management solutions struggle with extreme temperature variation as they have an optimal operating temperature (especially those which use aerobic processes as the bacteria will become dormant if temperatures drop too low). This can be a challenge in areas such as China which experience extremes between -10.6°C (13.0°F) and 25°C (77°F) throughout the year – however, for our client, Daxin Landfill in China, the weather did not pose a problem and the LAT Unit delivered over 95% uptime.

Environmental impacts 

A modern wastewater treatment plant is a valuable investment for any community as an effective solution can improve water quality in the local rivers, which can have a knock-on effect on habitats, farming, crops, and households; as well as providing better opportunities for recreational activities through reduced surface and groundwater pollution. Effective wastewater treatment can also improve air quality and reduce odours, as well as make areas more appealing and reduce waste dumping. 

Cost-effectiveness of modern wastewater treatment plants

Advancements in technology have driven innovation forward for wastewater treatment and made processes more sustainable, and faster, as well as reducing the chances of mechanical breakdown. However, as manufacturing and product development evolves every day and people develop new ways to manufacture textiles, construction materials, cleaning products, cosmetics, food products, and more, new contaminants are constantly being introduced into the environment. 

As many modern wastewater treatment plants now include sensors for identifying changes in wastewater composition, pH, temperature, and lots more; we can adapt more quickly to industry changes and ensure a high-quality output. At LAT Water, our equipment can analyse wastewater remotely in almost real time to detect variations, meaning our team can be sent out to conduct a full investigation quicker and provide a proactive response to any change. 

Alongside this, we pride ourselves in providing up to 95% clean water recovery from some types of wastewater, as well as significant energy savings. In a recent case study with Broadpath Landfill in Devon, LAT Water delivered an overall operational cost reduction of 48% and a further 70% reduction in energy use at the site. The bespoke LAT Unit provided to Broadpath Landfill was able to treat 10m3/day of raw leachate using only 7kwhr/m3 of electricity – creating an innovative new solution that not only saved the company money long-term but allowed them to reuse and recycle the treated wastewater and its useful compounds. 

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20th Feb 2023